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Milan Chovanec
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Minister of Interior

Milan Chovanec

Personal data:

  • Date of birth: 31st January 1970 in Plzeň.
  • Marital status: married
  • Children: two children


Studied at the Economics Middle School in Plzeň and the West Bohemian University in Plzeň.

Professional and Public Activities

  • Member of ČSSD since 1997.
  • During 2002 – 2010 member of the Plzeň city representation.
  • From 2008 member of the Plzeň Region Representation.
  • Member of the Plzeň City Council and from 2006 Chairman of the Plzeň City Audit Committee.
  • Worked earlier in the Czechoslovak Bank and after the revolution in business in retail and wholesale services.
  • In 2010, elected Governor of the Plzeň Region. Before his appointment as Governor, First Deputy to the Governor of the Plzeň Region.
  • From 2011, Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee of ČSSD in the Plzeň Region. From 2013 Vice-Chairman of the party. Member of the Shadow Cabinet – Minister of Transport.
  • Personal website: www.milanchovanec.cz

Czech Republic

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Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

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Member of the SALZBURG FORUM since 2000

Total area: 78.866 sq km
Length of National Border: 1.989 km
Total number of habitants: 10.220.911
Inhabitants/km2: 129
Neighbouring states: AT, DE, PL, SK