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Boštjan Poklukar
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Ministry of the Interior

Boštjan Poklukar
Minister of the Interior

Boštjan Poklukar, born on 27 January 1971, is a Master of Public Administration. He participated in the War for Slovenia and started working for the Ministry of Defence in 1991. He performed various roles and duties in the Slovenian Armed Forces and attended a number of military training courses. In his military career he reached the rank of Master Sergeant and was awarded the Bronze Medal of General Maister, the Silver Medal of Slovenian Armed Forces and the Stražnice 1991 commemorative badge. From 2015 he was working for the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, performing various tasks in the field of support for the management of protection, rescue and relief, advising the management on public relations and event organisation.

In 2015 he took an active part in dealing with the refugee crisis. In 2017 he became the head of the Kranj Notification Centre. He gives regular lectures on protocol and occasionally on management and governance support, cooperation of national security subsystems in dealing with different crisis situations, public relations and defence system. He wrote a book on protocol entitled “Delam protokol”. He lives in Bled with his family.


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Ministry of the Interior

Address: Štefanova 2, 1501 Ljubljana
Location: Litostrojska 54, 1501 Ljubljana
Telephone: + 386 1 428 47 21
E-Mail: gp.mnz@gov.si
Web: www.mnz.gov.si/en/

Member of the SALZBURG FORUM since 2006

Total area: 20.273 sq km
Length of National Border: 1.086 km
Total number of habitants: 2.010.377
Inhabitants/km2: 99
Neighbouring states: AT, HR, HU, IT